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neko redesign/rename by Foxfang0Sapphireclan neko redesign/rename :iconfoxfang0sapphireclan:Foxfang0Sapphireclan 4 0 happy valentines yo by Foxfang0Sapphireclan happy valentines yo :iconfoxfang0sapphireclan:Foxfang0Sapphireclan 2 0 witch milf by Foxfang0Sapphireclan witch milf :iconfoxfang0sapphireclan:Foxfang0Sapphireclan 5 1 Furret Sketch by Foxfang0Sapphireclan Furret Sketch :iconfoxfang0sapphireclan:Foxfang0Sapphireclan 8 1 wow what a smug grill by Foxfang0Sapphireclan wow what a smug grill :iconfoxfang0sapphireclan:Foxfang0Sapphireclan 5 1 he be coughin by Foxfang0Sapphireclan he be coughin :iconfoxfang0sapphireclan:Foxfang0Sapphireclan 3 0 Untitled49 by Foxfang0Sapphireclan Untitled49 :iconfoxfang0sapphireclan:Foxfang0Sapphireclan 6 0 Untitled48 by Foxfang0Sapphireclan Untitled48 :iconfoxfang0sapphireclan:Foxfang0Sapphireclan 5 1 Untitled47 by Foxfang0Sapphireclan Untitled47 :iconfoxfang0sapphireclan:Foxfang0Sapphireclan 4 2 Mega Glalie - MS Paint by Foxfang0Sapphireclan Mega Glalie - MS Paint :iconfoxfang0sapphireclan:Foxfang0Sapphireclan 7 2 Golem - MS Paint by Foxfang0Sapphireclan Golem - MS Paint :iconfoxfang0sapphireclan:Foxfang0Sapphireclan 4 2 Goldfish Sketch by Foxfang0Sapphireclan Goldfish Sketch :iconfoxfang0sapphireclan:Foxfang0Sapphireclan 6 1 Untitled46 (Full) by Foxfang0Sapphireclan Untitled46 (Full) :iconfoxfang0sapphireclan:Foxfang0Sapphireclan 11 5 Untitled46 by Foxfang0Sapphireclan Untitled46 :iconfoxfang0sapphireclan:Foxfang0Sapphireclan 9 0 Untitled45 by Foxfang0Sapphireclan Untitled45 :iconfoxfang0sapphireclan:Foxfang0Sapphireclan 7 0 nya~ by Foxfang0Sapphireclan nya~ :iconfoxfang0sapphireclan:Foxfang0Sapphireclan 7 3


F2U Sakura Deco by Alyssdream F2U Sakura Deco :iconalyssdream:Alyssdream 874 30 F2U Roses by pupbloom F2U Roses :iconpupbloom:pupbloom 475 22 LDS_05 by AkumiIrako LDS_05 :iconakumiirako:AkumiIrako 709 47 let me mount that mountain by LuminousCookie let me mount that mountain :iconluminouscookie:LuminousCookie 8 2 Dark Summon by EapingEagle Dark Summon :iconeapingeagle:EapingEagle 11 0 Buggy Boy by potatodayz Buggy Boy :iconpotatodayz:potatodayz 8 8 Witchy boyyo by Stellar-Senpai Witchy boyyo :iconstellar-senpai:Stellar-Senpai 5 6 o o f by xXToastieXx o o f :iconxxtoastiexx:xXToastieXx 20 0 Pink Dream by CatSpaceDesign Pink Dream :iconcatspacedesign:CatSpaceDesign 36 5 Finished Gloves by EapingEagle Finished Gloves :iconeapingeagle:EapingEagle 1 0 sdsdss by StripedPaws sdsdss :iconstripedpaws:StripedPaws 8 2 Best Man Beluga by LukeBlizz Best Man Beluga :iconlukeblizz:LukeBlizz 23 2 A JELLYFISH CHRISTMAS by potatodayz A JELLYFISH CHRISTMAS :iconpotatodayz:potatodayz 5 4 Dog Head by EapingEagle Dog Head :iconeapingeagle:EapingEagle 3 0 [OC] Alys' Ref by Mishiizzle [OC] Alys' Ref :iconmishiizzle:Mishiizzle 8 2 Daily Paint 1812# Bird Cacti - Barn Owl by Cryptid-Creations Daily Paint 1812# Bird Cacti - Barn Owl :iconcryptid-creations:Cryptid-Creations 9,882 232



Foxfang0Sapphireclan's Profile Picture
HEYHEY I'm an MS Paint artist wowowow ; )))))))))))))

heya I feel like putting up commissions that no one will pay for :)
I'm impatient tbh so that's why I want to put up commissions but meh
art also sucks so feel free to leave my profile : )))))


happy valentines yo
ok so i got lazy to finish this cause the pose seemed weird to me. but enjoy it anyway yall ; ))))

witch milf
the skirt sucks and the cat sucks but u kno what fam idc 
i havent done full body drawings in so long jsdfkjsg
wow what a smug grill
yeah the sleeves and arms are weird and the face is a bit off but hey its 2018 and i still never finished my homework 


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Chao11 Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Student General Artist
Hey, hey, Are you upset?
I'm not upset 
CatSpaceDesign Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2017
Happy birthday! ^^
Foxfang0Sapphireclan Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2018
aaaaAAAAAAA TY <333
Ms-Manhunter Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
Thanks for the fav! Here, have a llama :D
Thats-A-Morray Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks for the favorite!  Feel free to check out my main account, pferdmeister, if you're interested!
J5theHyperforce Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks for the fave on the... hold on... Left Hand Vs. Right Hand. You faved one of my worst drawing. XD My poor left hand is terrible.
Thank you anyways~ :la:
it was really good in my opinion ;) 
I can only draw with my right hand so you can imagine how bad my left hand drawing is 
J5theHyperforce Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
About the same as my left hand. XD My right hand is better, no questions asked.
But your art is pretty simple and cute. You're profile picture is terrifying though. XD Bit of a weird contrast.
mid117 Featured By Owner Edited Aug 21, 2017  Student Digital Artist
your art is awesome!!! :D 
i'm also a MS Paint artist
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