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wow cutie... by Foxfang0Sapphireclan wow cutie... :iconfoxfang0sapphireclan:Foxfang0Sapphireclan 3 2 wow aint she hot by Foxfang0Sapphireclan wow aint she hot :iconfoxfang0sapphireclan:Foxfang0Sapphireclan 2 1 heck its another redraw by Foxfang0Sapphireclan heck its another redraw :iconfoxfang0sapphireclan:Foxfang0Sapphireclan 3 1 annie is hot thanks by Foxfang0Sapphireclan annie is hot thanks :iconfoxfang0sapphireclan:Foxfang0Sapphireclan 1 2 silently judging u by Foxfang0Sapphireclan silently judging u :iconfoxfang0sapphireclan:Foxfang0Sapphireclan 1 0 ew nasty old art by Foxfang0Sapphireclan ew nasty old art :iconfoxfang0sapphireclan:Foxfang0Sapphireclan 2 0 woah who's this furry by Foxfang0Sapphireclan woah who's this furry :iconfoxfang0sapphireclan:Foxfang0Sapphireclan 3 2 neko redesign/rename by Foxfang0Sapphireclan neko redesign/rename :iconfoxfang0sapphireclan:Foxfang0Sapphireclan 4 2 happy valentines yo by Foxfang0Sapphireclan happy valentines yo :iconfoxfang0sapphireclan:Foxfang0Sapphireclan 2 0 witch milf by Foxfang0Sapphireclan witch milf :iconfoxfang0sapphireclan:Foxfang0Sapphireclan 5 1 Furret Sketch by Foxfang0Sapphireclan Furret Sketch :iconfoxfang0sapphireclan:Foxfang0Sapphireclan 8 1 wow what a smug grill by Foxfang0Sapphireclan wow what a smug grill :iconfoxfang0sapphireclan:Foxfang0Sapphireclan 5 1 he be coughin by Foxfang0Sapphireclan he be coughin :iconfoxfang0sapphireclan:Foxfang0Sapphireclan 3 0 Untitled49 by Foxfang0Sapphireclan Untitled49 :iconfoxfang0sapphireclan:Foxfang0Sapphireclan 6 0 Untitled48 by Foxfang0Sapphireclan Untitled48 :iconfoxfang0sapphireclan:Foxfang0Sapphireclan 5 1 Untitled47 by Foxfang0Sapphireclan Untitled47 :iconfoxfang0sapphireclan:Foxfang0Sapphireclan 4 2


So i was too lazy to fix the white dots by Stellar-Senpai So i was too lazy to fix the white dots :iconstellar-senpai:Stellar-Senpai 3 3 something's up by potatodayz something's up :iconpotatodayz:potatodayz 11 4 Gargoyle dad by Stellar-Senpai Gargoyle dad :iconstellar-senpai:Stellar-Senpai 6 2 Delmore is trash by Stellar-Senpai Delmore is trash :iconstellar-senpai:Stellar-Senpai 4 2 it be like that sometimes by Blazemist it be like that sometimes :iconblazemist:Blazemist 4 4 haha blaze it by Blazemist haha blaze it :iconblazemist:Blazemist 5 2 good together by acidiath good together :iconacidiath:acidiath 5 1 AT | RIKUAMA by LuminousCookie AT | RIKUAMA :iconluminouscookie:LuminousCookie 7 11 I'm not a furry, promise by Stellar-Senpai I'm not a furry, promise :iconstellar-senpai:Stellar-Senpai 4 1 I want my pokemon heartgold back ): by Stellar-Senpai I want my pokemon heartgold back ): :iconstellar-senpai:Stellar-Senpai 5 1 Mr. King by Stellar-Senpai Mr. King :iconstellar-senpai:Stellar-Senpai 3 0 nein by Stellar-Senpai nein :iconstellar-senpai:Stellar-Senpai 13 0 im gonna be drawing him a lot by Stellar-Senpai im gonna be drawing him a lot :iconstellar-senpai:Stellar-Senpai 8 0 Squiddd by Stellar-Senpai Squiddd :iconstellar-senpai:Stellar-Senpai 4 0 F2U Sakura Deco by Alyssdream F2U Sakura Deco :iconalyssdream:Alyssdream 1,199 43 F2U Roses by pupbloom F2U Roses :iconpupbloom:pupbloom 689 30



Foxfang0Sapphireclan's Profile Picture
HEYHEY I'm an MS Paint artist wowowow ; )))))))))))))

heya I feel like putting up commissions that no one will pay for :)
I'm impatient tbh so that's why I want to put up commissions but meh
art also sucks so feel free to leave my profile : )))))


wow cutie...
but u kno what i still like it so .... dont judge
my first firealpaca drawing ....... arent u proud of me mommy 

this is my unit from fire emblem awakening...... shes hot get her today
............for a price ;) 
heck its another redraw
ok so. i redrew my oc from when like i was in grade 6 (it was nasty...............) and renamed her to aoife (her name before was efina because i was a fan of lieat .... owo...) and originally an oc for the gray garden (rpg game, good stuff fam go try it out ......) 
annie is hot thanks
i accidentally named the file ".gif" so when it saved it came out as ".gif.gif"

gif gif more like yiff yiff amirite ;)))))


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Chao11 Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2018  Student General Artist
Hey, hey, Are you upset?
I'm not upset 
Chao11 Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2018  Student General Artist
Hey, hey are you upset?
I'm not upset
CatSpaceDesign Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2017
Happy birthday! ^^
Foxfang0Sapphireclan Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2018
aaaaAAAAAAA TY <333
Ms-Manhunter Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
Thanks for the fav! Here, have a llama :D
Thats-A-Morray Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks for the favorite!  Feel free to check out my main account, pferdmeister, if you're interested!
J5theHyperforce Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks for the fave on the... hold on... Left Hand Vs. Right Hand. You faved one of my worst drawing. XD My poor left hand is terrible.
Thank you anyways~ :la:
it was really good in my opinion ;) 
I can only draw with my right hand so you can imagine how bad my left hand drawing is 
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